The annual summit on managing software licenses!

IT & Software Asset Management Summit is the annual conference in managing software licenses. The theme of this 15th edition (second edition to be held in Belgium) is ‘The next step in your SAM maturity’.

We live in a rapidly changing and digital world. Technological innovations such as cloud, big data and IoT put entire organizations upside down. Software usage is growing exponentially and the licensing landscape is getting more complex as a result of these developments. Also, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and software being purchased by the business are developments with consequences.

What is the impact of these developments on SAM? How can you improve SAM continuously? And how do you optimize the SAM processes, to go to the next level of SAM maturity.

About the conference

Our programme will address most of the key issues your dealing with on a daily basis. Topics such as;

  • Getting in control of sam in a multi domain organisation
  • Getting Management Buy-In for Software Asset Management
  • Used software; Risky or a serious option?
  • Bridging the disruption gap
  • IT Control & Governance
  • Achieving transformational change with integrated ITAM
  • How to hurdle software complexity, get maximum value from your IT spend and reduce risk
  • How can you prevent being audited


As many organizations rush to fund digital transformation projects, so newly-empowered technology decision makers from across the organization are investing in cloud-based technologies, primarily IaaS and SaaS. 
Easy to set-up, cheaper running costs, paid for out of operating expenses and with little dependencies on the traditional IT infrastructure, cloud-based services have a lot going for them.  

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Heliview is expanding its business!

In 2019 Heliview Conference & Training, will be organising 5 Summits in Belgium. All Summits will be organised centrally located in Brussels. The Summits will focus on various topics like IT Software & Asset Management, Cyber Security, Data Driven Business, API Management & Digital Identity. Heliview has extensive experience in organising conferences, especially for the Dutch market. In 2016 the first Belgian event was organised.

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Parker Hotel Brussels Airport

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The IT & Software Asset Management Summit Belgium takes place at Parker Hotel Brussels Airport in Diegem.

Parker Hotel Brussels Airport
Bessenveldstraat 15
B-1831 Diegem