Innovation & continuous improvement

This conference is aimed at a high-quality target group of end-users (managers, senior specialist and other DMU positions) who are keen to stay at the forefront of current trends in the field of IT & Software Asset Management.

Innovation & continuous improvement

IT & Software Asset Management conference is an annual convention in managing software licenses. The theme of this 14th edition (first edition to be held in Belgium) is ‘innovation and continuous improvement’. We live in a rapidly changing and digital world. Technological innovations such as cloud, big data and IoT put entire organizations upside down. Software usage is growing exponentially and the licensing landscape is getting more complex as a result of these developments. Also, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and software being purchased by the business are developments with consequences.

What is the impact of these developments on Sam? How can you improve SAM continuously? And how do you optimize the SAM processes? 


Target Group

The intended target group for this conference comprises participants in the following positions:

  • Software Asset Manager
  • License Manager
  • IT contract Manager
  • IT Buyer           
  • Procurement / Purchasing Manager
  • IT Infrastructure Manager
  • Compliance manager
  • IT / application / service manager

The conference has a sector-wide focus and is aimed at the Belgian market. A strict admission policy is applied to ensure a high quality of the conference participants.