Expertsesssion: How to hurdle software complexity

SAM focus for GDPR regulators

Global enterprises spend over $350 billion on software a year. Increasing licensing complexity means  that much of that spending is wasted with many businesses at risk of falling out of license compliance. In additon the software itself is under attack from hackers and it will soon be a huge focus for GDPR regulators.
There are also big problems with security and data protection compliance – especially with the arrival of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The more software our businesses have, the more it injects risk into our operations, services and the partners we work with.
Greg Holmes, Solution Engineering Manager at Flexera wil discuss these issues during his session at the IT Software Asset Management Conference.

Talking about compliance is not enough

According to Greg, we need to take a much closer look at software, what it costs, and the value we get for that cost. It’s no longer good enough to just talk about compliance: "being business ready means putting software asset management at the centre of the whole business. The time of the software asset manager being the ‘secret agent’ – the person behind the scenes checking compliance – has gone. The game is different now, and it is time for software asset management to step out into the light and share its valuable data with the rest of the organisation." 

At Flexera we know that the status quo no longer cuts it. We’ve done nothing less than reimagine the way the software supply chain can be. For you, it means a revolution in the way software is bought, sold, managed and secured forever.

Find out more on how to hurdle software complexity, at the IT & SAM Conference 2017.