Keynote 09.45h

Getting in control of sam in a multi domain organization

This  business case is about how the ABNAMRO SAM team put itself in the driver seat of SAM in their organization:

  • How they unify SAM-stakeholders such as finance, procurement, and IT and manage their expectations
  • How the scope of our SAM-program gradually emerges and how we prevent the risk of scope creep
  • How their effort led to the decision of the IT management to mandate them starting the implementation of preventive measures in the processes of procurement, management and even retirement of software assets.
Break-out session 11:25 h

Why, What, How? Getting Management Buy-In for Software Asset Management

-How do you convince your peers and your boss to buy-in to your SAM initiative?

-How do you answer the WHY question?

-What steps do you need to take in order to be successful?

-We propose using a structured approach to avoid disruption and pitfalls and obtain buy-in from your stakeholders.

Workshop 11:25 h

Crayon SAM-iQ: a guide to maturity

In this interactive hands-on session, Phil Heap shows how SAM-iQ has helped some 7,000 organizations in Europe to implement anWd continuously improve their Software Asset Management practice. Central to a practice-based framework (supported by an online tracking & reporting tool) that enables organizations to independently determine where they are in SAM, where they want to go and how to get there.

Break-out session 11:55 h

Used software; Risky or a serious option?

Jarno gives insight into the use of second-hand software. Questions like when is 'second-hand' software useful and what are the limitations? are discussed. Hans Dhond, lawyer and Partner at Janson Baugniet, also speaks about a legal and legal way of buying and selling licenses.

Keynote 12:25 h

Bridging the disruption gap

There is a tectonic shift happening in IT. Or to be more specific, there is an irreversible change occurring in who drives and controls IT spend. By 2020, Gartner predicts that large enterprises with a strong digital business focus or aspiration will see business unit IT increase to 50% of enterprise IT spending. This shift in IT spending power to individual business units is driving the Disruption Gap, leaving the CIO with the challenge of losing visibility on - and control over - the cost of the IT estate.

Break-out session 14:05h

World Class IT Control & Governance Post 2020

Learn how IT Governance is evolving and what that means for the world of IT Asset Management in the next 3-5 years.  What are the best practices that will allow ITAM to add real value to the business and demonstrate that value at the C-level?


Workshop 14:05 h

SAP INDIRECT USAGE – the audit risk you can’t afford to ignore

SAP customers are becoming increasingly exposed to financial risk through audits, particularly where third party applications and add-ons indirectly access and use SAP data. This type of access is known as Indirect Usage. Learn how recent amendments to SAP’s terms and conditions might lead to further exposure for your organization, how to efficiently highlight activity in the SAP system to identify where Indirect Usage may be taking place, what to do about it and how to communicate about it with SAP.

Break-out session 14:35 h

Achieving transformational change with integrated ITAM

Large enterprises typically operate more than 3,000 services. What are you doing to protect and track yours? To ensure you are not overspending? To control their environmental effect? 
In this session Laura will elaborate on why it makes sense to combine IT Asset Management with IT Service Management, and how it can support you in addressing these challenges by providing a single source of truth for Incident, Change, Problem and Request process.

Keynote 15:05 h

How to hurdle software complexity, get maximum value from your IT spend and reduce risk

Global enterprises spend over $350 billion on software a year. Increasing licensing complexity means much of that spending is wasted with many businesses at risk of falling out of license compliance. In additon the software itself is under attack from hackers and it will soon be a huge focus for GDPR regulators. Join this session to discover how the software asset management game has changed and how to stay ahead.

Panel discussion 16:10 h

How can you prevent being audited

In this panel discussion Steven and Andrea will challenge industry expert on how to prevent being audited by your vendors. The experts will give you insider tips on what steps to take on; managing vendor relations, reduce complexity, managing and education your own organisation and preform your own internal audits.