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Registration participants

The team of Heliview welcomes you on the IT & Software Asset Management conference.

Opening 09:30 hrs

Opening of the programme by the chairman

Keynote 9:45 hrs

Can audit proof pre-owned licenses be part of your organization’s “Cost reductions strategy”?

Corrado gives insight into the use of second-hand software. Questions like when is 'second-hand' software useful and what are the limitations? are discussed.

10:15 hrs

Interactive session

Under the leadership of the chairman, you can exchange experiences with other participants about IT & Sam issues.

Morning break 10:45 hrs

Morning break with 1-to-1 meetings

Keynote 11:30 hrs

Since January 2019, what's new with Java?

In 2018, Oracle announced changes to Java coming in January 2019. The 1st January has passed, what are the new rules we are facing? We will tackle the Java issue from two different angles: Java historical licensing and the last changes. We also will show you how Aspera can help you manage these changes.

Keynote 12:00 hrs

SAM Quiz; How SAM-mature are you?

Have you ever wondered what Software Asset Management (SAM) maturity looks like? How SAM mature is your organization? Do you want to know how it is measured? Take part in our session. We designed a fun and interactive session that will show you how mature your SAM environment is and how mature your peers are at the same time. Register for our SAM QUIZ; How SAM- mature are you?

Through this interactive and fun session, we will take you through several Poll questions using the Avant APP that will be projected (anonymously) on the screen.

You will be leaving our session with more knowledge on your SAM environment and how the rest of your peers are doing. Are goal being that you leave inspired and full of new ideas!

Lunch break 12:30 hrs

Lunch break with 1-to-1 meetings

Keynote 14:15 hrs

Have you had your ‘cloud shock’ moment yet?

Cloud is one of the fastest areas of technology spend growth across the organization, so much so that many C-level executives are experiencing a ‘Cloud Shock’. The moment of realization that you’re spending way more on cloud than you thought and you’re unable to answer difficult questions on why.

In this session Snow shows you how to:

  • Get visibility of your entire organization’s cloud consumption
  • Safeguard against avoidable cloud cost and risk by establishing effective governance to enable you to successfully drive digital transformation
  • Support organizational business goals by presenting key consumption and spend information to the CIO
Keynote 14:15 hrs

How to optimize your license position, prevent audits and the buying & selling process of second hand licenses

Marc will explain how you can save costs on your software licensing expenses by optimizing your license position and how this helps to prevent an audit. He will also explain the importance of completing the necessary due diligence when purchasing second hand licenses or selling surplus licenses to ensure the software is valid for resale, in accordance with the Software Directive / European Court of Justice ruling of 2012.


Keynote 14:45 hrs

Next Generation SAM: How SAM and IT can (finally) ‘play nicely’ together

In this breakout session, Kieron will take you through the journey of how Software Asset Management is transforming to fully integrate with other IT processes. We will see how traditionally siloed IT functions such as change, request and Joiners, Movers & Leavers (JML) processes are able to seamlessly integrate with SAM to address the challenges associated with managing on-premises software and SaaS subscriptions within your organisation.

Afternoon break 15:15 hrs

Afternoon break 1-to-1 meetings

Keynote 16:00 hrs

Businesscase: How to manage the licenses installed at customer sites?

How to take control, to be compliant and to optimize cost/benefit in a hyper dynamic environment. How we changed the processes to proactively avoid audits consequences. How we play with quantities to lower costs. we adapt the SAM services to offer more to the Agfa sales community. How we changes the existing systems to be always compliant.

Closing Keynote 16:30 hrs

How to succeed in ‘Digital’ Transformation

In 2016 Olivier launched The Dualarity, a business and a book on how to take the pain out of your personal and business transformation, leaving you with a regained sense of spark. He has a unique perspective on innovation, transformation and human performance. Strategic thinking, transformation and execution are Olivier Van Duüren’s base, which he builds on with a focus on people, change management and inspirational leadership. To succeed in ‘Digital’ Transformation, you need to put the Customer at the Heart, People as the Soul and Digital as the Oxygen aligned to your company’s Purpose and Aspiration. 

Networking reception 17:15 hrs

Networking reception