Phil Heap
Director of Products & Services
Crayon Group

Phil Heap has been an ITAM professional for over 18 years and in that time has helped countless organizations with taking control, maintaining and optimizing their hardware and software assets. During this time he encountered the same problems requiring the same or very similar solutions time and time again. Because of this he started to write down his experiences and lay down the foundation of what is now known as SAM-iQ.  SAM-iQ is a SAM best practice framework and methodology that enables companies to determine independently, where they stand concerning SAM, and what they want to achieve in terms of the business goals and objectives.

Andrea Croonenberghs

Andrea Croonenenberghs is, among other things, former announcer at the Flemish television channel Eén. In addition to presenter, she is also a valued moderator. Because of her broadcasting background, she has a broad experience and extensive knowledge. As a moderator or presenter, Andrea is focused and works closely with an eye for details and timing.

Angus Cameron
Angus Cameron
Regional Business Manager
Snow Software

With many years' experience in the Software Asset Management community, Angus develops and runs the Snow Software operations in the Benelux, France and Iberia.  
Together with his team, he helps organizations to optimize their software spend and to increase the visibility and control over their IT estate.

Steven Wynants
Steven Wynants
Manager Vendor & Financial Management

Steven started working at Toyota Motor Europe in 2004 as a Contract Specialist. Over the last years, he self-studied to become an expert in the field of Software License Management from a SAM process perspective, and with a focus on Microsoft licensing. In 2013, he negotiated Toyota Motor Europe’s Enterprise Agreement with Microsoft, allowing all Toyota entities to subscribe into one agreement and successfully standardizing the Microsoft footprint for Toyota in Europe. Currently, he’s working on integrating software compliance reporting across Toyota Motor Europe’s affiliates.

Jarno Claassen
Jarno Claassen
General Manager
ReLicense Benelux

Jarno is a consultant in software licensing and SAM with 12 years of experience. At Comsoft and Tyco, he has advised companies to efficiently set up licensing environments. He is currently working at ReLicense, the leader in second hand software, and is responsible for the Benelux market.

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